God’s Love Released to the Business Community and Church Leaders!

Our team was excited to be back with our brothers and sisters in the Lord in Jakarta.  We were invited to speak at two different meetings at Bethel Menorah church.  First, we ministered at a midweek business meeting held by the Christian personnel of our ministry contacts’ companies. Pastor Mary Pat shared a message on Jeremiah 29:11-13, that God is looking to make holy alliances with people, rooted in purity, so that His power can be released.  She encouraged these business leaders that God is looking at our hearts, not just our career path.

Pastor Bill shared from Jesus’ parable of the four soils – encouraging these business leaders to not be afraid of the trials and challenges of life, but to fear the Lord which brings breakthrough.  He also shared about building the Kingdom of God, instead of our own little kingdom – the true mark of sonship.

Both Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat imparted wisdom regarding seeking to glorify God in the market place, which led to a time of corporate worship and crying out to Heaven.

The next night, our team returned to Bethel Menorah for an evening service to disciple and minister to the leaders of Bethel Menorah church.  After a charged time of praise and worship, Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat shared a powerful message on the Father’s love, challenging everyone in attendance to re-evaluate their perspective of Father God, and to enter into a life of sonship, not merely servanthood.

As Pastor Bill sang the Father’s Song over everyone there, they also received a corporate impartation to go deeper into the Father’s love and receive healing in their hearts.  Many were visibly touched and impacted during this corporate prayer and worship time.  Praise the Lord for His great and powerful love that is always touching our hearts!