“Go and make disciples…teaching them…”

Many times during the day, we will set up a site and invite people to come and see drama and dance and hear a message that God has for them. We present the Good News through drama, dance, preaching, and prayer and invite all those who desire to come into relationship with God through remission of sin by the blood of Jesus. God gives us an individual message for each area and many respond to the invitation for salvation, healing, and deliverance. But this is just the beginning.
Nearly every evening since the last update, we have spent time teaching from the word of God in small groups. New believers in Christ and any other person who desires to grow in his or her relationship with God is invited to come. God is building depth in the hearts of these people. They are grabbing ahold of Him through hunger and thirst for His word and His Spirit. We have had times of teaching on the love of God, how to receive forgiveness, how to grow close to the Lord, Who the Holy Spirit is, the difference between religion and relationship, purity, the power of God, and more. In these times, some have realized that they have not truly given their lives to God; people have received healing physically and emotionally and have had encounters with the Holy Spirit. A bunch of the people have come multiple nights for more and more of the Lord. We have been encouraged at what the Lord gives us to give to them and they have been encouraged by His Word and His Spirit.
Multiple young people have been attracted to the team members because of the love of God being seen through their lives. This has been such a wonderful opportunity as the young men and women on our team have served as role models for the younger children in Heliopolis. Many of these children do not know anything except the cycle of favella life. They are bound by the traps and work of the enemy and without the works of the devil being destroyed by the Spirit of God, they are bound to the same cycle. But, praise God, many of the older children are grabbing onto the freedom of God in Jesus as modeled and taught by our team members. It is awesome to see a young girl formerly moving toward sexual promiscuity move toward the purity of God because our ladies model purity, teach on purity, and impart the love of the Father. It is marvelous to see young boys formerly moving toward drugs, violence, and gang life begin moving toward the power of God, the gentleness of Christ, and God’s specific destiny for them. God is providing, as He promised, a way of escape for those bound in the cycle of favella life.
Our prayer is that the devil will not be able to steal away the seed of the Word because true understanding is gained and deep roots are planted in each one who knows Him.