Glory of the Lord Displayed in Nhocuene!

The Glory of the Lord fell tonight in Nhocuene! Almost every person that was present received the Lord as their Savior, a total of 150 people! How amazing is our God?!  As the Holy Spirit’s power surged through the crusade grounds, Pastor Mary Pat instantly responded to the Spirit and called out for the sick to be healed.  We had many amazing miracles occur.  One five year-old boy that was deaf since birth was brought forward for prayer and can now hear completely! Thank You Jesus!  Several other people received healing for hearing problems after this little boy.  Later a woman that was blind for 3 years came forward and she was completely healed! She described Pastor Mary Pat and testified of the Lord’s goodness in healing her! Yes Lord! Spencer prayed for a man that was suffering from back problems for 2 years.  After prayer, he testified and demonstrated that the pain was gone! There were many other healings and it was an amazing night of ministry with our awesome team partnering with Holy Spirit.