Ghana – Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The team arrived to Ghana safely Tuesday afternoon. They traveled to Pastor Samuel and Mama Vera’s house where they planned to stay for the next couple of nights.

On Wednesday night, Pastor Bill and the team split up to preach at different branches of Life Christian Centre. Pastor Bill traveled to Pastor Dan’s church (the Abensou branch). The rest of the team went to the main branch in Amasaman. This was Rachel’s first trip to Ghana in 10 years and she shared a word that hit home about God’s faithfulness throughout our lives and His promises toward us. Carly focused on the un-fruitful fig tree in the Book of Matthew and how we need to use prayer to give things in our lives that don’t bear fruit over to God. Rick talked about Psalm 100 and how we can depend on Jesus when we surrender our lives to Him. Kim spoke from 1 Corinthians 13 about the extravagant love of God and how nothing can overcome it. Justin shared about Moses’ personal question to God “Who AM I…?” and what true identity in Christ looks like. Finally Brenda shared a vision she had about going deeper with Jesus no matter the cost. God’s faithfulness was a continual theme throughout, and many in the congregation were touched by our diversified, yet unified, message.