Ghana – Wednesday, November 15 – Afternoon & Evening

During the afternoon session, a man named Daniel came up and shared that he had eye problems for 6 years and God took them away during this morning’s soaking. Daniel also had a vision (during the Father’s Love letter) that he had metal chains wrapped around his wrists and they simply fell off!
That evening we set up for a very special showing of the Jesus Film for all of the KBS participants. Our translator, Charles, translated it into the local dialect. Many were able to see and understand parts of Jesus’ life as it is told in the Book of Luke – in a way they never had before. What we have been sharing all week became more real to them as they were able to see these accounts portrayed on the large screen. After the film, Justin & Carly asked if anyone who didn’t know Jesus already wanted to receive Him. Two precious individuals responded to this call! Many others prayed to renounce witchcraft, Juju, additicions, and sexual immorality. God was faithful to set them free from darkness and fill them with His light!