Ghana – Thursday, November 9, 2017

On Thursday afternoon, our team headed out to the streets surrounding Pastor Samuel’s house. With two friends from Life Christian Centre, we greeted people up and down the busy street, exchanging names, offering prayer, and inviting people to the church service that evening. As we went, Carly and Kim were able to pray with a Muslim woman who was healed of waist and thigh pain. While this was happening, we were told there was a young mother in a nearby house who had been in a car accident. When we entered the tiny house, we met Theodora, who had been lying on a couch. As we prayed for her total healing, particularly in her back, Theodora explained that she was receiving God’s healing touch, and felt 70% better. Following us to the door, she declared that God had sent us over the ocean to come and pray for her. She was visibly encouraged as she went on to explain that she had been in the accident a month ago while traveling on a public bus. Out of 24 people, she had been the only one to survive, and had been in a coma for four days. As we left her with an encouraging Scripture, she bent over with ease to write the quotation in the sand. We are hoping to see her again when we return from the North!

That evening, we returned to Life Christian Centre and enjoyed a sweet time of prayer and worship with our Ghanaian brothers and sisters. At the end, we asked the church members to raise their hands, as God had something to speak directly to them. The team then went around and laid hands on each individual. We were able to pray for them, encourage them, and offer each prophetic words. What a good time of fellowship!