Ghana – Thursday, November 16 – Afternoon

As we took a break between sessions, a blind young man named Paul was brought to Pastor Mary Pat for prayer. Soon, a group of three was gathered. Paul, who had been blind for 5 years, an older woman named Mary who was blind for 6 years after a cobra had spit in her eyes, and Raejohnna, also an older woman who was totally blind but was able to see shapes in one eye last year after prayer. After prayer, Paul and Mary were both able to first see light, then shadows, and finally they could identify a person in front of them. Praise God! Meanwhile, the team members were praying for other people who were asking for prayer, and several received healing from various body pains.

Continuing into the afternoon session, we flowed into a fiery impartation of Jesus as depicted in the book of Revelation. The KBS participants’ eyes were opened as we proclaimed the glory, majesty, strength and splendor of our King who is returning. We concluded the night with a call for those who wanted to receive more of the fire of God. Virtually everyone rushed to the front!