Ghana – Thursday, November 16 – Morning

Thursday was an explosive day in the spirit! After soaking, we started the morning session with a skit illustrating how, before we know Jesus, we are dead and wrapped in our grave-clothes. As we come to Him, Jesus gives us new life and removes our grave-clothes. Then He invites us to come follow Him into the river of God, going deeper and deeper until we are entirely covered (Ezekiel 47). Then the Lord clothes us as His bride and prepares us for the wedding feast.

As Pastor Mary Pat preached about Lazarus and intimacy with the Lord, Carly brought everyone into an encounter with the Lord through the worship dance “A Little Longer.” Carly explained how the words describe the Lord’s invitation to linger with Him and receive from His heart. A holy hush seemed to fill the pavilion. As Carly finished in a posture of whole-hearted surrender on the floor, she remained there for many minutes, bowing before the Lord. The stillness continued as the people remained in a place of receiving, the Lord touching hearts in a way that is unusual in their culture. Finally, Pastor Mary Pat invited everyone to write the words “What Does Love Look Like?” in their notebooks. Then, she asked them to draw a picture of their answer. We were blessed to hear them share the beautiful depictions of what was stirring in their hearts.