Ghana – Thursday, November 16 – Evening

Immediately afterward, we piled into the van to head out and evangelize in an unreached village named Guru-yiri. Pastor Mary Pat offered that if any of the KBS students were burning for evangelism and were willing to wait on their dinner and go with us instead, they should run to the front. We ended up with 15 eager young men who packed themselves into the van with us, and we headed out. It was very special to spend this time with them, as we all took turns praying out for the coming outreach, each in our own languages.

When we arrived at Guru-yiri, we greeted the people and set up our drama site. Carly, Justin and Brenda showed them the heart skit, and then our whole team performed an impromptu rendition of “The One” drama. Rachel took the mic and preached the Gospel and that Jesus had come to take away their separation from God. As Carly also shared, 115 people came forward to renounce their connection with darkness and receive Jesus as Lord. After showing the Jesus film, Kim and Justin extended another invitation to give their lives to Jesus, and 5 more people came forward. We then prayed for healing, and 20 people raised their hands to confirm that their pain or sickness had left! As we waved goodbye and drove home, our Kingdom Bible School friends shared their excitement at seeing the salvations and healings.