Ghana – Sunday, November 12, 2017

Early Sunday morning Rick set up our Kingdom Bible School Soaking station under the lush Shea tree behind the church. We let the music play for a couple hours, and noticed around 165 people quietly laying down to rest in God’s presence. This was before the team even had the chance to demonstrate soaking to them!

We gathered for church with many of the different branches of Life Christian Centre here in the Northern Region. They arrived in vans and streamed out to gather for worship. In total there were about 340 people in attendance–which was extraordinary to see! Dust rose as the Sunday service started off with a very active worship time with traditional northern Ghanaian dances. As Pastor Mary Pat was preparing for the service, she heard Holy Spirit say that there would be a shift. As she began preaching, she exhorted everyone to be on their knees as we invited the presence of God and submitted ourselves to Holy Spirit. It was a holy time, and as she was kneeling, Kim felt the earth shift beneath her.

Pastor Mary Pat went on to deliver an anointed word about 2 Chronicles 16:9 and King Asa, which helped people to see the results of our decisions to embrace or reject intimacy with the Lord. At the conclusion of the service, we were able to pray over those who had to return to their villages, and weren’t able to remain for the entire Kingdom Bible School. As we prayed, several people were physically healed of pains and sickness, including a man who had had chest pain and trouble breathing for 3 days. Thank You Jesus! The team ended the night with communion and a sweet time of unity and joy in the spirit.