Ghana – Saturday, November 11, 2017

After an extra long (26 hour!) trip to the North due to a stop to fix our vehicle, we arrived at our land in Sawla. What fun it was to pull up to our building in the early morning light and see the people already camping here in anticipation of Kingdom Bible School. As part of KBS, we feed the participants twice a day. At dinner time, the people came running with their pots to form the line! Right away, Carly noticed one young woman named Janet who we prayed for last year for a large debilitating goiter on her neck. Even in the dark, Carly saw the goiter was gone and excitedly brought her to Pastor Mary Pat. As they rejoiced together, Pastor Mary Pat grabbed a translator to determine whether it had been surgically removed, or completely healed by Jesus. “Jesus!” Janet said with a big smile. “No medicine!” She confirmed that she did not have surgery and it was Jesus who completely took it away!

After everyone had eaten, the team went over to greet the people and encourage them in the goodness of God as a way to start things off. There were more than 200 people already crowding into our meeting pavilion. As Rick and Carly led the meeting, they responded enthusiastically to our words and to the worship song Kim sang over them. As we enjoyed some team time and team communion late that night as the people were sleeping, we could sense the peace of God and the sweet presence of Jesus. Rick reminded us of all the miracles that have taken place to establish what Frontline has here on this land, and the vision for the future. We saw in the Spirit God’s fire and cleansing over our entire 22 acres. God is so good!