Ghana North Project Update

Praise the Lord for His amazing faithfulness!  FMI, in partnership with Pastor Samuel and Vera Quarcoopome, has been demonstrating the love of Jesus in Ghana since 1999.  FMI sent a team of four men to Ghana, Africa on June 1st for two weeks of focused and intense ministry to leaders in the remote Northern region and to begin the process of developing the 22 acres of land given to FMI, Ghana by a Muslim chief in 2004

This year, FMI hosted its third annual Kingdom Bible School for leaders from the 14 branch churches of Life Christian Center in Northern Region of Ghana, on the land for three full days of impartation of Father’s heart, times of soaking in Papa’s presence, prayer and intercession, healing of the hearts of the leaders, and a deepening passion for the broken.  Special attention was given to impartation on really knowing and experiencing Father’s love, seeing the children through the eyes of Father God, experiencing Father through dreams and visions, letting Holy Spirit heal wounds and inner hurts of the heart, learning to hear Father’s voice and obey from a place of intimate fellowship with Him as sons and daughters and not as slaves, and catching Father’s heart to “Stop for the One”.  There was such an amazing response from those in attendance.  Many wounds of the heart were healed, often with tears and manifestation of the Spirit’s presence.  Even Pastor Samuel shared with the class how his entire perspective was “shifted” as a result of hearing the message about stopping for the one.  He said, “What we are missing in Ghana is love.  We need to learn to love the people beyond just getting them saved.  We need to follow up with them and help them grow.”  As he shared from his heart, this group of leaders was visibly moved, hearing their Bishop share how God was speaking to his heart.  It was truly a powerful time of impartation and fellowship with Holy Spirit.  There were testimonies of pictures and visions from the Lord during times of soaking and prayer.  Each year, the Lord takes these precious ones deeper into His heart.  We know that the fruit that has come from this, and the fruit that will come from this, will change all of Africa forever. 

The team met with the church at the Sawla Branch on its first Sunday as Pastor Bill preached a powerful message about Father’s heart.  The team prayed over each one for more of Father’s love and for freedom from sickness in the body and wounds in the heart, as well as for deliverance from demonic strongholds.  On the second Sunday, the team ministered at a village an hour away in “the bush” called Sin-awono which means, “We are suffering.”  The team members shared testimonies of Father’s love in their lives and Pastor Bill shared a message about the Good Shepherd and His love for the sheep.  After the message, the team prayed for the church members and many testified of healing from pains.  An opportunity was given for them to receive Holy Spirit baptism and many received their prayer language.  One lady was prayed for to be delivered from demonic strongholds of witchcraft.  The demon manifested and the team members prayed for her to be free.  As we were leaving, she was standing there with the church members waving and smiling, and singing the team a goodbye song.  Together with the church members, the team “renamed” the village to mean “We are happy.” 

It is such an exciting time to be a part of what the Lord is doing in the earth.  There are incredible challenges and incredible blessings.  God is speaking about a worldwide revival that will sweep the nations.  We know that there is a mighty move of Holy Spirit coming to Africa that is rooted in Father’s extravagant heart of love for His children.  Much of Northern Africa is captive to the spirit of Islam, which has its roots in an orphan heart that goes back to the days of Ishmael.  As a result, much violence and deception has infiltrated Northern Africa.  Sawla, the town where our land is located, is very close to the invisible line that demarcates the “Muslim North” from the “Christian South” in Africa.  God has miraculously given us 22 acres on which to build an international launching pad to all of Africa and beyond.  The team has been working hard, together with Life Christian Center, to begin erecting a building on the land that will be the first step in developing this property for mighty Kingdom outpouring where leaders from all over Africa can come to receive impartation of Father’s heart, healing of inner wounds and physical sickness, and be refreshed to carry the fire back to their homes and churches.  The building is currently under construction and will be completed soon.  It was exciting to see blocks being laid on the foundation which was a physical picture of what God is doing in the hearts of the people as He builds His Kingdom on the solid foundation of faith. Praise the Lord!

FMI has been working with a Christian man from Tamale, a city 3 hours from Sawla, named Alfred. He is a personal contact of Pastor Samuel whom we contacted to supervise the digging of a well on the land.  Without a well, people will have to travel miles to get clean water.  Water is necessary for making blocks, washing clothes, bathing and, of course, drinking.  Not only will this reduce the costs of accessing water from other resources, but it will reduce the time used to locate these resources.  The team met Alfred on the land and the well was dug.  Alfred was very pleased with the quick strike of water and the quantity of available water.  He was prepared to drill 220 feet, but water was found at only about 120 feet.  The team prayed that we would hit a river underground.  As the rig dug, water began to gush out.  Alfred said, “We have hit a main vein in the rock.”  The Lord still brings water out of the rock!

The next step in the process is for Alfred to test the water yield and install the equipment so that the water can be pumped into a tank from which it is drawn. This should happen in the next few weeks.  In Africa, a key to drawing people to an area is finding a fresh water source.  It is a reminder to us that Jesus, the fountain of living water, draws all people to Himself.  People are hungry and thirsty for the true living water and the bread of life.  We believe that as this natural need is met, it will open the door for the deeper spiritual needs of these precious ones to be filled by Father.  Praise the Lord for His amazing faithfulness!!

As we were traveling back to the capital city of Accra for our last couple of days in Ghana, we stopped for diesel fuel for the bus and two workers at the gas station gave their lives to Jesus as Pastor Bill led them to Jesus outside the bus window. They had seen so many demonic attacks in recent months that they were ripe fruit ready to be harvested for the Kingdom as Pastor Samuel told us what they said to him as they put fuel into our vehicle. Going a little further, we connected with Abednego, the leader of a branch church of Life Christian Centre where his grandfather practiced juju until his death last fall. He reported to us that his grandfather’s wife (Abednego’s step-grandmother) gave her life to Jesus on Sunday in Abednego’s church. Finally, we traveled to the district capital, Bole, to meet with the main chief of the area who ultimately decided that Frontline Ministries could submit the proper documents in order to obtain the land that we are building on. The team asked him if he desired prayer for anything and after listing several major areas, he was bathed in fervent prayer that the Lord’s purposes would be realized in his life. We are trusting that his small earthly Kingdom will bend its knee to a mighty heavenly King and Kingdom!