Ghana – Monday, November 13 – Morning

Pastor Mary Pat shared a word about being fully immersed in the river of God, as in Ezekiel 47. As part of this teaching, she asked everyone to draw a picture of themselves in the river. All the Kingdom Bible School participants are given a notebook and pen in order to take notes on what they are learning, and it was so fun to see them create their pictures.. It was a real fun stretch for some of the village grandmas! As she continued to speak a powerful word about immersing ourselves in His Presence, Pastor Mary Pat led everyone to stand and engage with the Lord in prayer. People were powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit as they were surrendering to the Lord, and renouncing connections with darkness. As we prayed, there were many that also needed deliverance, and the team was able to minister to these people with power and compassion. During this ministry time, Kim was ministering in song with the guitar. As she sang out over the people, Kim and Pastor Stephen were able to join together and sing out a new song over the people in their language, and the Ghanaians joined in and sang to the Lord.