Ghana – Friday, November 17 – Evening

In the evening, KBS students departed in vans for their different villages. Our team took a walk through our Frontline land to see the mango farm that was recently planted. God provided the money for a section of land to be plowed, and 600 mango seedlings. We walked through the field and prayed to dedicate it to the Lord. These mango trees will provide nutritional sustenance and economic opportunity for many in the area!

Afterward, Pastor Mary Pat, Pastor Samuel, Pastor Stephen, Rick and Rachel went to pay a visit to the Muslim chief of Sawla. We greeted him and gave gifts to him and his wife. They were glad to see us, and told us that the chief had been healed last year when the team prayed for his diabetes. He had been having significant problems, but he has not had to go back to the hospital since! Both the chief and his wife welcomed more prayer, to which the chief commented, “I like your prayers. You have powerful prayers!” We know God is moving on their hearts and we will continue to contend for their salvation!

That night, the team packed up to be ready for the long journey back to Accra on Saturday. We were in complete awe of all God has done in the past week!