Ghana 2015: Tuesday, November 10th

We started today’s KBS session by offering attendees a chance to share what they had gleaned from yesterday’s teachings. They spoke about trusting in the names of God, including Jehovah Rapha (God my Healer), Jehovah Jireh (God my Provider), and Jehovah Rohi (God my Shepherd). Then Rachel and Carly gave a “soaking” demonstration, to explain resting in God’s presence and hearing His voice. Jordan followed with a theatrical presentation of the parables in Luke 15, with other team members and a few brave children acting them out. Rick shared from his heart on God as our Rock, the firm foundation on which we should build our marriages, families, and personal lives. After lunch, Pastor Bill led the charge in baptism in the Holy Spirit, with the team sharing their own experiences. We prayed for the Holy Spirit to come upon each person there, and at the end, some shared testimonies of feeling God’s presence and encountering Him in new ways! After dusk we showed the Jesus Film for Children, and God’s children of all ages gathered to watch it. 3 adults and 2 children gave their lives to Jesus for the first time! With compassion in his voice, Rick explained the importance of repenting for participation in any form of idolatry or witchcraft, and a large number came forward to pray with him to renounce these things. Team members remained to offer personal prayer to those that desired it as the rest of the crowd filed out to their tents. We thank Jesus for the salvation and greater freedom He brought to our brothers and sisters today!