Ghana 2015: Thursday, November 12th

After a delicious and hearty breakfast of oatmeal and Mama Vera’s fresh, homemade doughnut holes, Pastor Bill and Carly left for Wa, the closest major city, to gather some supplies and print more certificates for tomorrow’s Kingdom Bible School graduation. Rick, Rachel, and Jordan led Kingdom Bible School. Rick dove into Psalms 145 – 150 to capture David’s true heart for worship. The morning session closed in fervent worship that lasted almost two hours! It is so beautiful to see two dance and worship styles blend together as one to praise Jesus! After lunch, the team sang and taught about being filled up with the Holy Spirit and allowing His joy bubble up. A time of activation quickly progressed into another two hours of intense worship. Our team facilitated a “fire tunnel” to further fan the flames of Holy Spirit. Later that evening, we showed the full length Jesus Film. Many of the scenes were familiar from what was taught and acted out by our team earlier in the week. The audience erupted in cheerful applause after each miracle Jesus performed. The team prayed and laid hands on many people resulting in new levels of freedom for them. One can see that as these people increase in knowledge of the Word and experience with the Spirit, a deeper and more personal relationship is being established with our loving Father God.