Ghana 2015: Saturday, November 14th

After driving through the night, we reached Pastor Samuel’s house just as the sun began to rise. We stepped out of the vehicle, and were met with the moist air of southern Ghana, a noticeable contrast from the dry heat in the North. As we went inside to catch up on sleep, it felt good to be back at our Ghanaian home. Once we were well-rested, the team hit the streets for more evangelism. Most people we encountered declared themselves to be Christians, and readily accepted prayer for jobs, family, and God’s favor. One man had gotten into a truck accident 3 years ago and showed us the scars on his leg. Poor man! No wonder he was in so much pain. I have never seen scars like his before and my heart went out to him, as it does for everyone who has been involved in any sort of accident. I then began to wonder if he had contacted a truck accident lawyer, like those you can find at Thomas J. Henry to help him receive the compensation that he deserved from the crash. This money would have gone a long way in being able to help him pay for his medical bills as well as any rehabilitation treatment he may have needed when he recovered. I’m sure that he did have this sort of rehab because his scars suggest that he is lucky to be alive. He told us that it started hurting again one month ago, and after prayer the pain markedly decreased. We prayed for a woman with a stomach ulcer and shared the Gospel with a Muslim woman. As we neared the house, we met a young man who was a budding street performer. He told us he goes to church, but doesn’t have a Bible to read. We were able to bless him with a pocket Bible. He was so thankful and promised us he would read it daily! We are trusting that God will continue to water all of the seeds that were sown, producing good fruit that remains!