Ghana 2015: Friday, November 13th

“And Jesus said to them, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’…” (Matthew 28:19). That has been the cry of our hearts in coming to Ghana, and it also became the topic for our last morning of KBS. We gave attendees an opportunity to impart what they learned this week, and many came up to share profound truths. We emphasized how important it is for them to take these truths back to their villages and share them with family, friends, and neighbors. We declared that by doing this, they will reach so many more people than we could in just one week, and they will continue to spread the life-changing message of the Gospel across northern Ghana. To conclude KBS, Pastor Bill lead out in a song of freedom, and American and Ghanian brothers and sisters come together to dance and sing praises to our King! We handed out certificates to the 146 KBS attendees, and as each name was read, the crowd cheered with shouts of excitement. The team took advantage of our last chance to pray for those still in need of physical and mental healing as we said bittersweet goodbyes. We walked down the dusty path towards the road where our vehicles were waiting for us, glancing behind us for a final look at our land and reflecting on all that God has done this week.