Frontline’s Land on the Sea – Humpback Whales!?!?!

Off we went! Many adventures awaited us as we headed out to see our land on the Indian Ocean. As we waited for our four-wheel-drive transportation, the team mingled amongst a growing crowd of students outside of a local school. We had so much fun with them. Jaimie, Amanda, Ashley, and Tiana led some in singing lessons and worship. Justin showed others how to play “thumb war.” Denny, Spencer, Peter, and Andy engaged English speakers in conversations about having a relationship with Jesus. Carly and Troy shared the Gospel to a group of the kids and 16 of them prayed to receive Jesus! Once our transportation arrived, 19 of us (including Chief Baluta who gave us this land) climbed into a truck and trekked through the bumpy foot trails to make it to the base of our land. Once there, we climbed one of the big sand dunes and then ran down the other side to the wide ocean front. The waves were powerful! The sand was pristine! Our land is a such a blessing from God! Everyone had a chance to jump in the water, walk our land, and collect many unique seashells. Wherever we have been traveling, God has been using us to prepare the way for His presence.