Friday-Saturday July 20-21: Revival Crusades in Machava, Iris Leadership Conference, and Blessing the SISA soccer team!

The team ministered at an Assembly of God church in Machava from Friday evening through Sunday morning. On Friday evening, 170 people gathered, primarily from the congregation. During  the crusade, four young men and one young woman came forward to receive salvation. Later, one person prayed to rededicate their life to Jesus. At the end, Pastor Mary Pat encouraged those present to go out and bring their unsaved friends for the next night.

During the day on Saturday, the team traveled to the Iris mission base in Zimpeto for a leadership conference. Pastor Mary Pat preached during the afternoon session. She released a powerful message about the account of the woman at the well. The fire of God fell on the entire assembly as she invited people forward to receive more from Holy Spirit and the commission to go and preach the Gospel.

While at Zimpeto, the team had the privilege of meeting with the SISA soccer team before one of their matches during the local cup finals. They expressed sheer excitement and delight as Pastor Mary Pat & team presented the soccer balls and soccer cleats to them. Pastor Mary Pat spoke words of encouragement and blessing over them and the coaching staff. During their match that day, they played against, and defeated, a previously undefeated team. We thank God for His amazing favor on their lives.

After leaving Zimpeto, the team returned to Machava for a second night of crusade. With about 215 people in attendance, we witnessed another powerful release of Jesus’ fiery love. Another three young men came forward to receive Jesus into their hearts. At least 25 people were healed. One woman, who suffered from chest pain for a decade, reported that the pain was completely gone. The pastors’ daughter, who had suffered with pain in her left leg for 1 year, was completely healed as well! Praise the Lord!