Friday, November 22, 2019 – Ghana

For our last day of Kingdom Bible School, Pastor Mary Pat did something out of the ordinary and invited some of our Ghanaian friends up to do an impromptu drama! Some new people filtered in throughout the week, so we had our friends again demonstrate how Jesus took all of our sins on the cross with him. We also had them show how we are blind before we know Jesus, but once we declare Him as our Lord and Savior, our spiritual eyes are opened to see God and know Him closely. A woman named Comfort was co-crucified and co-raised with Jesus, and was then clothed with a robe of righteousness and a crown, to show that we become royalty when we come.into God’s family. She then became the bride of Christ and joined the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit at the banqueting table! It was a beautiful summary of what we had talked about throughout the week, and it had the crowd especially engaged because it was their friends acting it out.

In the afternoon, we centered on the difference between doing good works to please God and falling in love with Jesus, which results in doing the work He calls us to. We acted out The Prodigal Sons parable and encouraged the participants to ask themselves if they could identify with either son. PMP led them in a prayer to ask for forgiveness and freedom for any areas that God had highlighted to them. Pastor Bill then shared about the best gift we can ever receive: the Holy Spirit! Those who weren’t here earlier in the week prayed out to declare Jesus as Lord, and PMP prayed for everyone present to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Our friend Comfort who was in our drama earlier received her heavenly prayer language! To close, PMP read the Heart of the Father letter over all the participants. It was a beautiful way to end this week of going deeper into the heart of God.

Though Kingdom Bible School was over, God’s work for the day wasn’t done yet! After dark, we went to the village of Nyungeye for a crusade. We were thrilled to see a large crowd gather to watch The Jesus Film. Pastor Mary Pat preached with the intense fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and over 100 people prayed with her to turn away from all darkness and come into the Kingdom of light! She also prayed for healing and to break malaria off anyone suffering from it. It was a clean sweep throughout the crowd!