Friday, June 30 – Combomune

After visiting Mabalane the team traveled a few hours to the village of Combomune.  Construction on a new church will be beginning there soon, so the team purchased metal sheets and tools to donate for the roof. While the leaders were shopping for food and supplies, team members jumped off the bus to invite people to the crusade that evening. Many said that they would come! Children giggled as a few of the ladies started a keep away soccer game with them. We continued on our way, and were very excited when we pulled up to a soccer field where Pastor Jose said we would be holding the crusade. We trusted that with such a large venue God would bring in the people.

He certainly exceeded anything we could have asked, thought, or imagined! Some 700 men, women, and children arrived to hear the word of the Lord.  And the Lord spoke powerfully.  Every person there raised their hands to pray and receive the Lord into their hearts. 700 people! 116 people then prayed for deliverance from witchcraft and addictions. Praise God for our growing family! 

Father God’s power continued to move and touch the bodies of those not feeling well. One man was healed of tooth pain he had for 2 days, and a young boy was healed of stomach pain. Another man was healed of stomach pain he had for 5 years! Andy gave a word of knowledge about someone with foot pain, and a man came forward, received prayer, and was also healed. Thank You Jesus for such an incredible night!