Freedom in the Bush!

Nearly a year has passed since our team last stepped foot on the soft sands of Muzemane. Last year, God’s joy catalyzed a strengthening of this community after a night of campfire worship. Names and faces, never far from our memory, quickly gathered around our evening crusade site. The atmosphere was filled with God’s peace and security as hearts began to worship out of an overflow of what God has been doing here in the last year. A crowd of nearly 120 swarmed to the front to receive Jesus as their Savior and Prince of Peace. Healings followed with a man being cleansed of runny eyes and shortsightedness. Cough, stomach pain, fatigue, and chest tightness loosened with the gentle touch of God’s hand. Freedom came to 37 people through deliverance from fear and addictions that could no longer take root in these transformed hearts. This region is a land of joy and this joy burns in the hearts and minds of His people.