Freedom Celebration at Samba School

The day started like most others: We traveled to Heliopolis for an exciting day of ministry throughout the favella. The previous weeks were in preparation for a Crusade at the Samba School, a place where people are trained as dancers for the Brazilian carnival, a festival notorious for its sensuality.

Half the team went ahead to the future church, Casa de Jesus, that needed much additional work while the other half journeyed to the Samba School (also known as the Quadra Imperador) to pray over the building and lands. God strongly gave confirmation through visions and prophetic words that He was watching over us and the building as we prepared to go invite people to the event we planned called “Freedom Celebration.”

While some of the team continued renovating Casa de Jesus, many others ventured into the streets and homes to hand out flyers about the Freedom Celebration that night at the Samba School. As the afternoon drew to a close, we all gathered and headed for the Quadra Imperador continuing to invite people even along the way.

Although the night started later than had originally been planned, God began to draw more and more people into the Samba School. After doing some of our regular dramas, everybody received a special treat of hearing Zae’s rap group perform several songs, followed by other talented performers. Mary Pat was stretched when Zae asked her to rap one of his songs that had been translated into English by our wonderful translator Fernando.

Mario, a young man who accepted the Lord days before the event, shared his testimony of the good work that God had begun in his life. The entire group of people attending the crusade in the open-air hangar that comprised the school heard powerful words of how God’s love can totally captivate and change a heart in an instant. That is precisely what the Lord did for this 18-year old who was initially drawn to our team as he witnessed our labors for the church renovation. He has now been taken under the wing of Pastor Dirceu to be trained up in the Lord, as many believe he is being groomed for strong spiritual leadership.

Following our main presentation, Rachel R., Carl, and Priscilla (a befriended translator anointed in worship) sang out worship from their hearts for several hours. It was a spectacular time as a place normally used to train youth for sensual displays was filled with worship by youth filled with the fire of God. We believe that this set the tone for the revival the Lord intends to bring in the area of Heliopolis and extending out to the rest of Brazil.