Freedom and Glory in Brazil!

In the evening our team visited Pastor Dirceu’s church, Casa de Jesus. Mike, Tom, Bethany, and Rachel shared what God had imparted to them during our powerful morning soaking time. Keiji, our friend and translator who has joined our team for the duration of the trip, shared a word from Isaiah 35 (the same word Pastor Mary Pat shared with Frontline on New Year’s Eve!) regarding the highway of holiness. Troy tied the messages of the others into a clear call for humility/dying to self leading to cleansing which produces Christians who are soaring in the Spirit. As Mike began to sing prophetically over the congregation, people began to cry out to the Lord in repentance and humility. Many present received powerful words of encouragement from the team members. Pastor Dirceu was amazed how everything our team shared tonight coincided with the messages Pastor Dirceu has been giving in the previous weeks. There is strong synergy in the spirit between Frontline and Casa de Jesus. Worship that night reached an amazing height in the Spirit. Everyone sang “Here I am to Worship” in their own language, the Portuguese and English came together in such unity, harmony, and power. God is so amazing!