Freedom and deliverance in Gaza-Quissico

After arriving in Quissico during the first day of our stay, we unloaded the bus to greet 17 churches that had gathered from different villages to meet and learn more of the Kingdom and scripture.  That evening we held a crusade for all of the churches.  There were approximately 200 people who had come out and over half gave their lives to Jesus!  A mighty outpouring of freedom was released shortly after for those who wanted to leave and renounce their witchcraft practices.  Sixty-five men and women came forward to pray and embrace Jesus! God was moving powerfully and touched many lives both spiritually and physically.  After a prayer for healing, multiple testimonies kept piling up as we all celebrated together and gave glory to God for His majesty and goodness.  One particular healing that stood out was that a woman who had severe pain in her arm was unable to lift her arm prior to the prayer, and afterwards she was able to fully extend it! Others had experienced relief from muscle tension in their legs and backs. A woman named Marcello was not able to stand up completely straight and Pastor Mary Pat prayed, she was then able to rise up and stand taller than before! Praise Jesus!