Freed from Prostitution

Our team also had the opportunity to connect with a ministry which is reaching out to the females trapped in China’s brothels. Throughout the world there are women, young girls, and children who are coerced into the sex trade and trafficking. One specific tactic, among many, is to tell the women they can find good jobs in the city, only to trick or abduct them into a life of prostitution, fear, and shame. As we prayer walked through one of the primary “red light” districts in the city, we felt the Lord’s compassion for those who are so desperate. We received words and visions about a supernatural shift that was about to take place, bringing healing and freedom to the captives.
Pastor Mary Pat was also able to minister inner healing with two of the young women who were discouraged and desperate. Holy Spirit began moving powerfully on their hearts, taking them into heavenly visions and encounters. Through these supernatural experiences, the hearts of these women were transformed as lies were removed and the Father’s heart was specifically revealed to them.