Forgiveness Leading to New Life and Healing

The team had a long bus ride through the night and got an opportunity to see the sunrise as the bus approached the Maxixe village. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the team got ready for the Sunday service of a newly planted church (5 months ago). Pastor Mary Pat shared a simple, but profound message about how Jesus came to the earth and enables us to have a relationship with Him. After the message she asked if anyone wanted to receive more of Jesus and the entire church responded. Being led by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Mary Pat asked the team to pray for healing. Many people got healed from knee pain and headaches! Praise God!

After the sun went down, the crusade started, and we showed our captive audience the Jesus film. Jaimie and Bethany gave a message of love and invited people to receive Jesus. Fourteen people responded to the message and invited Jesus to their hearts. After the salvation prayer, the team prayed for healing. There was a woman who had pain in her stomach for 2 years and though prayer was offered at first there was no change. The team members that were praying for her started to ask her more questions and she revealed that the pain started shortly after her son left her house, which caused her to be hurt and angry. The team members led her in a prayer of forgiveness, after which her stomach pain left completely! There was also a girl who had an ear problem and was healed instantly. Thank You, Jesus for a powerful day of ministry!