First Morning of the Seminar – The Father’s Heart Released

The Mayor of Manado arranged for all of our seminars and revival meetings to be held in the official government building in the city center – in the grand room.  The room, with its towering ceiling, royal blue carpet, crystal chandeliers, and wood paneled detail, seated almost 700 persons!  The first morning of our similar, an impressive 650 city and regional officials all showed up!

Pastor Bill shared a poignant message, posing the following question: are we building our own little kingdom, or are we advancing God’s Kingdom?  Calling up the Minister of Culture and Tourism, and the Vice Mayor for a visual demonstration, the crowd watched intently as Pastor Bill demonstrated how we as individuals can trust God with our lives completely – giving Him full reign to build His Kingdom in the earth and in our hearts, which is our true purpose in life. After Pastor Bill finished his message Pastor Mary Pat imparted the father’s heart to the crowd hungry for more of the Lord.

First Revival Meeting – Salvation and Healing in Manado!

After such a power-packed morning session, we couldn’t wait to see what God would do in the evening revival meeting!  After worship led by an inter-denominational choir, Pastor Bill preached a beautiful message of the Gospel – calling all the prodigals home to their Heavenly Father.  “Who will be the first courageous man or woman to step out of the crowd and receive Jesus?” he inquired of the crowd.

After a few moments, one gentleman stepped out of his seat in the back row and walked to the front to receive salvation.  After that, many others joined him near the stage.   Pastor Bill led them all in a prayer of salvation. It was beautiful to see so many coming “home” – almost 40 persons came forward to pray!

Pastor Mary Pat preached a stirring message on the healing power of Jesus Christ.  As people came forward to receive prayer Pastor Mary Pat being led by the Holy Spirit had everyone lay hands on the area that needed healing. Many of them had reports of tumors in the abdominal area and were in need of a touch from God. After the time of prayer they reported feelings of heat in their body. They were encouraged to come to the stage to testify about receiving healing.

One woman with a tumor in her abdominal area testified that the associated pain left her body after healing prayer and she believed she was healed.  Another woman testified that persistent pain in her waist was completely gone after the prayer. Another man saw light come into his body as he was healed of intense pain in his body, while a young boy testified that he was completely healed of a virus in his body.  Thank You, Lord, for moving in power and healing so many.