Fire Tunnel!

The next day, the Lord continued the work He started the day before in Kingdom Bible School.  Andy taught on the joy of the Lord, and how Holy Spirit loves to fill us up with overwhelming joy. The team felt led to have all the students go through a fire tunnel in order to receive more of the fiery presence of God.  Members of the team formed a physical tunnel,  lining up on either side and extending our arms for the students to pass through.

The students passed one time through the fire tunnel… then twice through then, during the third time through, some of the leaders broke out in uncontrollable laughter! Our very own Pastor Stephen, one of the pastors of the Life Christian Center church branch in Sawla, could not get up off the ground because the Holy Spirit was bubbling up inside of him as he roared with laughter. He later shared that this was a completely new experience for him  never before had he experienced the joy of the Lord in this fashion. What an incredible demonstration of how God loves for us to taste of His goodness!