Finally Here – Salvation and Safe Travel

After arriving safely in Mozambique yesterday afternoon, the team visited the Iris children’s center in Zimpeto. We were met by many familiar faces, and made some new friends as well, as the new members of the team got a tour of the facilities. Testimonies of things God had done there in previous years flooded the memories of those that had been there before. Sharing these only increased the team’s excitement for all that we will see this year!

From there, we traveled to another children’s center in Matola, where we will spend the next few days. Though we arrived late, we were greeted by the leaders of the center and a number of curious children, who seemed excited to have visitors. We were just as excited to meet them and looked forward to getting to spend more time with them.

We had the chance to do so this afternoon, as we spent the day here at the center. The kids watched attentively as we practiced our dances, and many joined in to learn! When we weren’t practicing, we had fun giving piggy back rides and playing games with them. After dinner, we went out to practice drama, and the children all sat down to watch. We started with “The One,” which demonstrates Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and raising from the dead in victory! The children cheered as they watched, and this led into a great opportunity to share the Gospel. As Jordan shared of the life we have in Jesus and about having a personal relationship with Jesus, the kids listened intently. When asked who would like to really know Jesus for the first time, several came forward and prayed out loud to receive Jesus. God is so good!