Filled with Holy Spirit!

After Josh led an impactful morning session on purity in worship, we were able to have a private meeting with all the pastors who were present as well as Hannah, Pastor Stephen’s wife.  We spent several hours sharing what Holy Spirit had put on our hearts and showing our gratitude and appreciation for each one of them.

Deanne started off the afternoon with a prayer for healing, including having the students pray for each other.  There was a line of students ready to share that they were feeling a change in their bodies.  From there, it was a natural transition for Josh to lead the group in a prayer time to receive Holy Spirit.  After the initial prayer, a handful of people shared that they were experiencing something new from Holy Spirit and that they were now able to pray in the Spirit.  Then we began singing in the Spirit.  The presence of God was evident.   Many people were encountering Him.  Some were receiving a prayer language, some were feeling Him, and some were falling over without any person touching them!   Others were experiencing deliverance, without anyone touching them or praying for that type of freedom.  It was simple, and beautiful, to see the students experiencing  the Lord a new way!