Fiery arrival in Swaziland

Our team arrived in Swaziland on Saturday evening to an excited crowd ready for everything that God had for them. Pastor Mary Pat began preaching, and offered Jesus at the start of the meeting to any who did not know Him.  Two men and many children came forward immediately, and heard the message about Jesus’ death, resurrection, and great love.  After this, Pastor Mary Pat preached a powerful message on the love of God, and many received more love, passion, and fire in their hearts through impartation and prayer. 

Carl and Darlene were able to pray for healing for people in the church, and many stood to receive healing as words of knowledge were given and prayer was offered.  It was an awesome first night in Swaziland! 

On Sunday morning, many team members were able to share their testimonies and encourage the church members.  Pastor Bill preached on “The whole loaf,” using the example of the woman whose demonized daughter was healed when she pressed in and asked for just the crumbs that fall from the Master’s table.  He encouraged the crowd to press into the Lord for their every need, knowing He always has more than enough for His children.