Father´s Love Releases a Breakthrough for the Diadem Church

Our team split up and ministered in two different churches tonight.
Pastor Bill and Troy returned to Pastor Wanderley´s church. Last year
they had ministered in a youth meeting there. Pastor Bill preached
about the difference between us building our own little kingdom
versus building up the Kingdom of God. He also shared the testimony of
both of his parents coming to the Lord in the latter days of their
lives, encouraging everyone to believe for breakthrough in their
familes. Pastor Bill began to sing prophetically over the congregation
with Asafe, the pastor´s son, interpreting. The power of God fell and
people began to cry, to shake, and to visibly experience the Father´s
love. We have really enjoyed the humble heart of Pastor Wanderley. At
the end of the service, he came forward to ask his congregation´s
forgiveness for having been too strong in correction at times. As the
pastor was preparing to anoint his congregation with oil, Troy shared
a word that the Lord was releasing the dreams of God into their hearts
and for them to agree with Heaven as they were anointed with oil.
Pastor Bill and Troy were also able to minister to and encourage one of the
worship leaders who has been under spiritual attack in recent times.
It was a blessed night and we are trusting the Lord to continue
releasing the freedom of His love into these wonderful people.