Family healed, witchcraft broken

After an awesome worship service in Swaziland, I stayed after to pray for a woman on crutches who had a shriveled leg and used crutches to get from place to place.  My wife Nikki and I joined to pray together for this woman, and all the pain she had in her back, neck and chest left.  She began to praise the Lord for healing her, and then listened as Nikki shared in depth the power of forgiveness and the need to walk in that kind of heart to every person who hurts us.  I shared about the Lord’s heart to prayer walk and cleanse the land of the many curses that were released through witchcraft, as we believed this woman was greatly affected physically, spiritually, and emotionally by witchcraft.  As we shared about the power of prayer walking and how the Lord wants to move powerfully throughout Swaziland, the family was greatly encouraged.  There are many hardships in Swaziland, as so many are affected by curses, pain, and division.  We believe the Lord is releasing forgiveness and the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus throughout this land and that many will come to know Him.  We closed in prayer and imparted and broke curses off all of them as they stepped out in faith and forgave those who had hurt them.