Explosion of Power, Visions, Angels

Pastor Mary Pat, Tiana, and our dear friend and translator, Ines, had the privilege to visit the Church of the Way. Pastor Jade picked up our team and shared his excitement about the coming service because Pastor Dirceu had shared testimonies of God´s movement through our team.

When we arrived at the church, the worship team was singing “I am royalty, I have destiny, I have been set free, I’m gonna shape history” in Portuguese.  After a very powerful time of worship, Pastor Jade introduced Pastor Mary Pat and she began to speak. She shared testimonies of various miracles the Lord had performed through our ministry in different countries around the world. Then, she began to speak about the fire and power of God. The congregation was very responsive and it was evident that the power of God was at work in that place. After the message Pastor Mary Pat gave a call to any person who was feeling heat in their hands to come up front to receive an impartation of healing annointing. As people came to the front for prayer, the power of God consumed them and most fell down. Wave after wave of release took place as leaders came forward, the hungry came forward, the youth came forward, and the pastors came forward to partake of His fire. Everyone received a blessing from the Lord! One young boy, touched by the power of God, came up testifying to seeing visions of angels all over the church. Another boy spent over an hour under the power of God and was still there when our team left. When the youth came forward for prayer, Pastor Mary Pat had them link arms. Without touching any of them, the entire line fell down under the power of the Holy Spirit as Pastor Mary Pat prayed over them. Yay Holy Spirit!