Explosion of Fire at Comunidade Redimidos

We attended a service at Comunidade Redimidos where we have ministered in years past and seen the fire of God fall.  This year was no exception.  Worshipping in their new warehouse-style building along with 200+ people was an amazing experience, and many of the team were deeply touched in God’s presence.
During worship, Pastor Mary Pat fell to her knees as she saw a vision of Jesus walking among the people at the meeting, which she shared with the congregation.  She also gave a powerful word about letting God rid us of unbelief and how we need to have the heart of Jesus in every moment.  The people were very stirred up by the message and most came to the front for the altar call to receive more of the fire of God.
The whole team dispersed into the crowd to pray for the people. Some were crying, some laughing, some overcome by the Spirit, and some received healing, deliverance, or prophetic words. There were many testimonies from the night.
Many received healing when Pastor Mary Pat gave specific words of knowledge for people with heart/cardiovascular problems, back problems, stomach/abdomen pain, and eye problems. Specifically, Michelle prayed for a man with back pain. He testified the pain left as she was praying. Joe prayed for a man with stomach pain. He said the pain left somewhat after the prayer. Later, Andrew also had an opportunity to pray for the same man. The man said he felt heat on his stomach when he was receiving prayer, and the pain left completely. The man had had the pain for almost 3 years. There was also 3  ladies with stomach problems that were healed as well. One woman had been troubled for the pain for 1 month. The other lady had suffered for about 1 year. Pastor Mary Pat released healing over a woman with a hernia that she had since she was 3, as well as a woman with Multiple Sclerosis. Both went down under the power of Holy Spirit!
There were several people healed of eye problems. One girl had pain in her left eye for 1 year, and stated it was perfect after prayer. Another man had an issue with his cornea and could not see out of it. The first time Michelle prayed, he stated that it improved 75% improvement. When she prayed again, he said it was 100% healed. Pastor Mary Pat prayed for a woman with complete blindness. She also prayed for a woman who had diabetes for 10 years.
Bethany prayed for a woman with back and heart pain who testified that she was healed after the prayer. A girl with 1 leg an inch shorter than the other felt her leg grow out while she was getting prayer. We also had a lady with shoulder problems for 3 years testify that the pain left after 3 years.
Christy also prayed for a young girl to receive Jesus!
There was also a girl who testified she had had spiritual blockage for a long time- could not pray, worship, read the word, etc. She said after she received prayer, the block was broken and removed.
There was also a young man who saw a picture of golden gates and angels coming through the gates into the church during the ministry time. He stated the angels were going to various flags of nations around the room in response to the cries of the nations.  Another angel had a sword with fire on it that he was taking around the room and inserting in and out of people’s spirits.
During the time the fire of God was being released, a young girl started manifesting the demonic in a choking fashion. After Pastor Mary Pat prayed against the power of witchcraft and divination, we learned from the girl’s mother that her grandmother was a witch. After an extended time of deliverance prayer and some of the ladies on the team speaking words of life over her, the girl was powerfully delivered, could speak again, and was at peace. Both her mother and father were overjoyed. Praise God for His delivering power!