Prayer for Epilepsy

During our last night of ministry in Togo, Andy and I prayed for a man to be healed of epilepsy. After the prayer, we asked through an interpreter if he had felt anything during the prayer. He answered that when we started to pray, he started to get an intense headache, which was what normally happened when he received prayer. Then he felt like he was being chased, and saw himself running. Then he saw a large hole, with thorns. However, he said that one of us put a hand on his heart during the prayer, and at that point he felt like he was lifted up and was flying. He could see the hole and the thorns beneath him. He also said that his left side (his left arm and left leg) were typically weak, and had been weak when he arrived at the church that night. He said that it was like he could not sit up, rather he would fall over toward the left. However, he said that he felt strength returning to his arm and his leg during the prayer.