Encounters with God

As the sun went down and the sky was painted a beautiful red above the children’s center in Matola, we gathered the children to watch a special puppet show from our team. Tiana first led them in “Minha Grande Luz” (This BIG Light of Mine) before they all sat on a tarp, ready to watch the show and receive the soaking teaching from the puppets. The kids burst out in laughter as Andy’s “Miss Blonde” puppet showed up and began teaching how to be still and soak/rest in God’s presence. Bethany’s “Mr. Animal” joined the show and added to the excitement of the teaching, followed by Carly’s demonstration with a sponge and water bucket. At the end of the show Miss Blonde asked the children to lay down before the Lord and soak as Jo, Stephanie, and Tiana played the guitar and sang over them. After the soaking time, one Mama enthusiastically gave a testimony of the great peace and joy she felt as the song was played. Then a few children shared that they saw Jesus and felt His love for them. Pastor Mary Pat finished the night with encouragement for the kids to soak every day, so as to continually grow in their relationship with Jesus. It was a great end to a great day!