Earthquake in Mianzhu

On May 12th, thousands of people were affected by a devastating earthquake in China.  During our time in mainland China, our team was able to visit Mianzhu, a city that was heavily affected by this disaster.  As we drove into the city, we were reminded of the thousands who had lost their lives and saw firsthand the destruction the earthquake brought.  Tents lined the roads, and buildings all around had been completely destroyed.

In the midst of such devastation, testimonies of God’s goodness still abound.  One contact shared that there was to be a ministry leadership retreat taking place that weekend in the city where the epicenter had been. That retreat was canceled, but on that Friday morning the director of the ministry was called to see if he still needed the reports that the leaders were to have prepared for the weekend.  He did.  The Christian workers in the city (where the epicenter was) spent the morning preparing their reports and then left home to fax them in – while they were on the road going to find a fax machine, the earthquake struck and all the buildings around them fell. God had spared an entire team of leaders when the retreat was canceled and protected others by drawing them out to the street, sparing their lives.  One of the Chinese churches in that area has about 300 members. Within a few days the leaders had heard from all of the families – not one of the church members was killed. God’s heart weeps with those who weep.  He deeply loves each person who has been so traumatically affected by this disaster and we were very privileged to be able to carry His presence with us into that place, praying as we went.  Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat were able to pray with a leader in the area, encouraging Him in the Lord.   We know that God has spoken: “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken…” (Isaiah 54:10 NASB) and expect that this truth will become revelation in the hearts of many Chinese who are desperate for real peace and comfort.