Dunamis Power – The Enemy is Done

Pastor Bill, with Denny helping, got the privilege to minister at Comunidade Crista Para Todos os Povos (Community of Christ for All People) on Sunday evening. Pastor Bill shared a powerful message about God’s Dunamis power and the goodness of God. He also shared testimony from his own life about the power of forgiveness and the healing power of Jesus.
Pastor Bill sang “The Enemy is Done” over the congregation, and they were really touched by his message and song about the mighty power of our God. He then invited people up for prayer and nearly the entire congregation of around 40-50 people came forward! The Lord used Pastor Bill to release words of life, healing, and encouragement over the people. In particular, Pastor Bill was able to pray for the pastor of the church who has a desire to do missions. Pastor Bill encouraged him that as he goes, sons and daughters in the faith would be raised up to allow him to step out.