The team arrived in Dondo Friday night and we were happy to settle into our respective girls and guys “quarters” which included showers and comfy beds. Saturday morning we were told that we would be leading a meeting of pastors and youth from the Arco-Iris ministry school. Not quite knowing what to expect, we prepared for the meeting by soaking in God’s presence.

At the church house, a large group had gathered. After sharing testimony of what we had seen God do in the past week of ministry, our team divided the people into three groups so that we could spend some time teaching and discipling the people, in particular, about the Holy Spirit. We taught on Baptism in the Holy Siprit, fellowship with Him, and offered practical guidelines on how to minister to people under the power of the Holy Spirit through prophetic giftings. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong during the meeting that when we instructed the people to raise their hands to receive, God touched the people in a variety of ways! Some of the people were so full of joy in the Holy Spirit that they started laughing, singing and falling to the ground, overwhelmed with His presence. Other people began to weep as God touched their hearts. Still others testified that they received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and spoke with new tongues.

There was much excitement in the church after this refreshing time, and even an hour after the team left the building, we could still hear music and singing coming from the church.

Sunday morning our team continued ministering in the Dondo church. After our team performed two dramas, Mary Pat preached a powerful message conveying the heart of God for fellowship with His people, and she incorporated a prophetic word that Pastor Dirceu from Brazil had given our team. The word was about believers being like the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem–that we too should be humble messengers who carry the glory of Jesus everywhere we go. Jake, Troy, and Peter acted out the vision as Mary Pat preached, providing for quite an interactive sermon. After the message all of the church people received a touch from God as they went through a “fire tunnel” that the team formed to pray over each person. Truly a power-packed Sunday service!

We were able to spend some quality time with the boys at the children’s centre in the evening, ministering to them through prayer, encouragement, and demonstrating God’s love in tangible ways through hugs and washing each one’s feet. It was such a joy to share in depositing love into such treasures of God’s Kingdom.

Monday morning was departure time for another leg of the journey, making a quick stop in Biera for internet before heading southeast to a village called Bezi, where the current plan allows for 2 days of crusades. After that, we are planning to head north toward Doa (Tete region) via Mutarara, stopping at various villages along the way as the Lord leads.