Divine Connections on the Train

The mainland team set out from Hong Kong on July 6th for the 24 hour train ride to Kunming. We would return from Chengdu, a 34 hour trip, on July 16th. We had decided to take the train both to and from mainland China, knowing that this would provide many opportunities to share the Gospel with the Chinese people in a “natural and easy” setting. On both trips, Pastor Bill drew groups of college students through his guitar playing. Some sought him out as he walked through the train, after which they were invited to spend time in his cabin and learn more about the guitar. Dylan was able to participate in this time, and many were befriended and gave their lives to Jesus as a result.

Ashley was able to lead four people to Christ through an English song and words of knowledge. Pastor Mary Pat led several groups to Christ in various cabins, and encouraged team members to spend time disciplining them. Much fruit resulted from the divine connections that were made on the trains.