Divine Connections in Hong Kong

We are so excited to be in Hong Kong!  Our days have been filled with excitement and adventure from the moment we left the U.S.A.  God has been so good to us, and we know He is behind everything that is happening here.

During our first full day in country, our team of 14 had a chance to visit the ministry office of our main contacts in Hong Kong.  As the staff was sharing with us, Pastor Dennis Balcombe arrived and came in to meet with us.  Pastor Dennis is a powerful evangelist, who has been used by the Lord to bring thousands of people in Hong Kong and mainland China into the Kingdom.  He first began working in Hong Kong in 1969, and the ministry has continued to expand over the years.  We were extremely humbled and blessed by his heart and the heart of everyone in this ministry.  Though he is highly respected and has a powerful ministry, Pastor Dennis simply calls himself, “A servant of the Lord.”  We were honored to be able to spend an afternoon with this man.

Pastor Dennis was able to share a great deal about the history of China, as well as testimonies of Christians in this nation.  China recently experienced a massive earthquake, and his ministry was able to visit and provide relief to many of these people.  There was a Christian woman in the area whose house was standing, when every other building around her had fallen down.  When the authorities came to look at her house, they were astounded.  They could not understand how her house was still upright, especially when they examined the unsafe structure.  When they leaned against it, the entire house collapsed!  God had truly protected this woman from great calamity.

We were also shown hand copied portions of Scripture.  It is amazing to see the hunger and passion of these people, knowing that many are willing to go to jail, face persecution, and lay down their lives for the One who gave His life for them.  God is truly doing a work in Hong Kong and in Mainland China, and we are excited to be able to partner in the expansion of the Kingdom in this part of the world!