Divide and Conquer with the Love of Jesus – Street Kids and Villagers Receive Jesus!

We traveled to the heart of downtown Maputo (Mozambique’s capital city) to reach out to teenagers who are living on the streets. This group lives together in an old run-down soccer stadium. We were accompanied by Pastor Nico and his sister-in-law, Ida, who bring spiritual and natural food for the city kids every week. Ida fondly remembers the first time she met Pastor Mary Pat and the Frontline team in 2003 when Pastor Mary Pat preached at a conference she attended. She shared with us how the message still continues to touch her life 12 years later and was excited for this opportunity to minister with our team again. As we walked through the catacombs of a crumbling concrete landscape, we found the teenagers waiting for us to arrive. Our team greeted the teenagers who were glad to hear that people would come from so far away to personally visit them. Many of them confessed that they have never traveled outside the city limits of Maputo, but tonight they got to take a journey deep into the heart of God. The team, along with Pastor Nico and Ida, sat down with the youth and everyone wholeheartedly sang worship songs. Then, Pastor Mary Pat spoke out about the true identity the teens can have in Christ if they want to follow Him. She invited everyone who wanted to know Jesus to raise their hand. Every hand went up and 19 young adults were welcomed into God’s family! Afterwards, Troy and Pastor Mary Pat prayed for a man with a skin disease who was laying down on the concrete 20 yards away. Rejected by society, he was deeply touched by the love and acceptance our team showed him, and he also had received Jesus and prayer for healing!

Meanwhile, the other half of the team traveled to Muntanhane to set up for a crusade. People trickled into the field in the middle of nowhere as worship began. The Jesus film was projected on the big screen and the team reunited just before Carly and Andy preached the Gospel. They invited everyone to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and 34 people responded and gave their lives to Jesus! After we welcomed our new brothers and sisters in Christ, Bethany and Tania shared about the healing power of Jesus and offered prayer. A little boy and his mother came up and testified that he had a hearing problem in his left ear for the past three months, but after prayer, he noticed that the problem was gone! The delivering power of God was released as Lawrence spoke about the freedom of Jesus. Forty-two adults and children prayed against witchcraft and were delivered from the kingdom of darkness. It was a day of power as God moved through both the village and downtown Maputo!