Discipleship – A Key to Longevity and Increase in the Kingdom

Each day Michelle and Troy met with a group of boys and girls in each of the favelas while the rest of the team was imparting to the younger kids. Over the course of the week, many of the youth as well as some of our translators/contacts, learned that we are all like trees and need to have the proper “roots” in order for our “trees”/lives to grow strong and produce fruit that remains. Holy Spirit poured out mightily over the the teenagers- most of the boys prayed to forgive people in their lives that they had unforgiveness towards. This is amazing as it closes the door to the enemy and opens the door to Holy Spirit bringing healing and increase in our lives. On the 3rd day, we ended up talking about how we can be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Four of the boys were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues as the rest of the group prayed for them! The other three boys that had already been filled with the Spirit and could speak in tongues prayed over the other boys as well — important training for them in helping others step into a closer walk with the Lord! God is doing amazing things!