Dinner at the Mayor’s house!

After the team was back together from the two church services we were all invited to join the mayor and his family for dinner at their home. As we walked into the grand entrance we were given a warm welcome by the mayor and his wife as they gave us a brief tour and introduced us to the rest of their family. Two of those family members we had not yet met was the mayor’s in-laws who lived with the family. A very sweet elderly couple the Holy Spirit wasted no time moving in a mighty way. Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat prayed for the father who had very weak legs and was in a wheel chair due to a stroke.  After the first prayer he was able to say the Mary, Trimicasi (Thank you), and Jesus. Shortly after that he began to open and close his fist. Finally, after receiving more prayer he got out of his wheelchair and walked, leading Pastor Mary Pat to the dinner table where he joined his wife for dinner, smiling throughout the rest of the night. Jesus heals and invites us to the banqueting table!

After dinner, a number of other family members and staff of the Mayor came to receive prayer for healing.  One woman could read much more clearly after receiving prayer for a vision problem she had dealt with for years.  An elderly gentleman who had suffered a stroke on the right side of his body and lost some motor skills on the right side of his body was able to move his hands after prayer which was new!  A number of others were touched by the Lord in their bodies – praise God for moving so powerfully at the Mayor’s dinner!