Diabetic Healed, Scoliosis Healed, Kidney Failure Healed, Voicebox Healed, and More!

Before, during, and after the service, many people came up to Troy and testified to healing that they had received from the time of ministry when Rachel and Troy were there in 2007. Here are a few of the highlights: One woman, who was a diabetic taking daily insulin, reported that after the prayer in 2007, the Lord healed her and she is no longer on insulin. The worship leader, Israel, was unable to lead worship for months in 2007 because of a throat problem that was stealing his voice. The doctor had told him that soon he would be unable to speak at all, much less lead worship. After prayer, the Lord healed him on the spot and he began to sing and lead worship right then. Five years later, the anointing of God is still moving through him in powerful worship and everyone who had a throat problem tonight received healing after he prayed for them. An usher had been unable to even lift a Bible because of a shoulder/arm problem that he had. He received healing and with a big smile he demonstrated the strength in his arms. A mother of three had been experiencing back pain from severe scoliosis, but testified tonight that she has had none since 2007. A 1 year-old baby girl had one of her kidneys go into kidney failure and shut down. The doctor tried to do surgery to repair it, but after the surgery said that the kidney would never work again. Five years later, she is a healthy, beautiful girl with both her kidneys functioning normally. Yay God!