Deaf/Mute Healed at Sewing Micro Enterprise

During the morning ministry at the Sewing Micro Enterprise (see other post) a woman was brought to Pastor Mary Pat for prayer and several others shared that she had been completely deaf and mute since birth.  When the woman first approached Pastor MP for prayer, the power of God came on her and she fell to the floor.  Then as she rose to her feet the deaf and dumb spirit was rebuked and she was instantly able to speak and hear.  She was even able to communicate in Telegu – this is a huge miracle since it would take a small child years to speak, learning through natural processes!  This woman had been Hindu and having received total healing was eager to give her life to Jesus.  Many of the other students from the school witnessed what God had done and also wanted to follow the Lord, included were several more Hindu women.  After seeing this miracle, another woman wanted prayer for gastric problems she had suffered with for four and a half years.  She was also instantly healed!

After this amazing miracle we heard testimony from one of the teachers at the sewing school.  One previously Hindu woman had been named after a snake god.  Having received Jesus as her King, she has changed her name to Naomi, meaning “sweet”.  In addition, the woman who had been deaf and mute along with three of the other women who had been Hindu, went home and told their families what they had seen God do.  Their entire families heard the truth of Jesus and His resurrection power and wanted to follow Him as well.  They took off the charms they were wearing associated with Hindu gods and have become Christian!  God is so good – the testimony of who He is and what He does is transforming entire families here in India!