Crusade, Crusade, Crusade!!!

The team stocked up on crusade equipment and clothing donations at Pastor’s José’s house this morning. We then eagerly loaded the trailer and bus, which will be our primary mode of transportation for the next two and a half weeks of cross-country ministry. A great team building activity, everyone pitched in to push the bus and trailer out of the deep sand in front of Pastor Jose’s house and away we went! Our next stop was Pastor José’s Linha da Frente agricultural land in Palmeria, where we would set up camp for the next couple days of local outreaches.

This evening we visited Pastor Enoch’s nearby church compound and hosted our first full crusade. Denny, Amanda, Justin, and Carly led a dance competition where both children and adults boldly jumped into our dance and received new shoes as a reward! Afterwards we set up a big screen and projected the Jesus Film. Approximately 30 people intently watched and then responded to Troy and Pastor Mary Pat’s invitation to give their lives fully to Jesus. Each raised their hands and cried out for more of Him!

After a healing prayer was released, 5 people came up to testify how God healed them of pain in their bodies. One of them shared that she was at our crusade last year (2015) and someone on our team prayed for a chronic digestive issue she had struggled with. Before leaving, they told her that if our team returned the following year, they would want to hear about the completion of the healing. So now, a year later, she excitedly shared that she did in fact receive full healing! Thank you Jesus for completing the work you started! As the team packed up to leave, Peter sang a song that the Lord gave him to release the heart of the Lord over the crowd and individuals that were in attendance. It was a beautiful end to a glorious night!